Lidar for Smart Sensoring and Automotive

We develop the next generation of LiDAR systems

With the new Lissa 3D LiDAR sensor with patented hybrid technology

(ToF + PV), autonomous driving becomes safer and more suitable

for mass production.


What is LiDAR?

LiDAR Abbreviation for English Light Detection And Ranging

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What is LiDAR?

  • A laser scanner that scans the environment and displays it in a virtual 3D world
  • A LiDAR sensor uses light to measure the distance and speed, and to obtain 3D environmental data
  • Currently, there are essentially four different measurement methods (ToF, PV, FMCW, TDC)
  • LiDAR is indispensable for autonomous driving
  • Use e.g. for city break assistants
  • For the autonomous driving of vehicles one needs 3-4 LiDAR sensors per vehicle (360 ° all-around detection)



The problem

Today's LiDAR systems are:

  • too large
  • too expensive, especially due to the measurement method
  • Ranges> 200m not possible or only with great effort feasible
  • often have mechanical parts like mirrors
  • often have a too small field of view (FoV)
  • expensive and expensive production



The solution

Lissa 3D LiDAR sensor with patented hybrid technology (ToF + PV)

  • Rangesof more than 200m possible
  • Measurements of several echoes possible
  • High accuracy (<2cm @ 200m)
  • Low technical effort
  • Patented process
  • Large "Field of view" (FoV) approx. 120 ° x 40 °
  • Solid state technology no moving parts
  • Scalable matrix scanning saves energy and increases scanning speed
  • Flexibility between energy density, angular resolution, FoV, range and 3D video in real time
  • Convenient for high quantities



Market forecast

for cars with autonomous driving functions


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