LiSSA Automotive -
Solid State Triple LiDAR Sensor

LiDAR Sensor for Automotive use case. Available from 2025.

Different configurations how LiSSA will be build in a car

There are many possibilities to integrate LiSSA LiDAR in car chassis.

Wide Short Range

Two Wide Short Range LiDARs in front and one in back covers 80° area up to 60 meters.

Short And Long Range

Additional long range in front covers 40° up to 220 meters.

Complete Coverage

With five short range and one long range LiDARs the car covers the complete area around.
LiSSA Automotive

Short and Long Range -
Automotive Grade LiSSA LiDAR Sensors

Introducing our cutting-edge LiSSA LiDAR Automotive grade sensors, equipped with our proprietary imager chip featuring an impressive 240,000 Pixel 2D Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) detector. This high-resolution LiDAR technology sets a new standard, enabling the detection of small objects at extended distances. With unparalleled precision and range, our LiSSA LiDAR sensors redefine automotive sensing, ensuring enhanced safety and reliability on the road.
Pixel 2D SPAD