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At our company, we empower our employees with autonomy and responsibility, trusting them to make meaningful contributions and drive success.
Ingo Dietterle
11y senior manager at OEM
12y own tier 1 supplier firm
Dr. Amr Eltaher
Phd on lidar technology
Jens Gallhoff
20+ years in supply chain
Dr. Ulrich Lages
Founder ibeo
Evgenij Bakulin
10y CFO and Finance
Mehran Amiri
Senior Software Engineer
Belal Hossain
Geoinformatics Engineer
Sebastian Mathai
Software Developer
Parisa Hatamian
Project Manager‍
Yusup Arsaev
Product Designer
Aziz Saidane
Embedded Software Engineer
Dr. Fatemeh Abdi
Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Bhavya Wadhwa
Software Engineer

We're hiring!

Innovation is encouraged and celebrated in our culture, as we embrace change, take calculated risks, and continually strive for excellence.